Why Work With Brainbox

Bound by a common desire to help people reach their full potential.

Brainsource by Brainbox is a hub of expert industry professionals who value kindness in everything they do. It takes an outstanding individual to become a Brainsource by Brainbox team member, and we value the contribution that each individual brings to our culture. For this reason, our hiring process takes a little longer and has a few more steps than you might be accustomed to. However, we believe that our rigorous process not only ensures that you’re the right fit for the team, but that we’re also the right fit for you.

“Brainbox has been a huge part of who I’ve become today, from being a customer service representative to being a client engagement manager. The company has seen the potential in me and has entrusted me to execute various tasks. Working with Applied Education under Brainbox is one of the highlights of my career, as it’s quite challenging since this is the first college I’ve ever worked for but at the same time fulfilling when at the end of the day, I’m able to assist most of the student’s concerns.”

Precious, Applied Education Resource

Why Work with Brainbox

Why Work With Us?

Your Benefits

Brainsource — Extend Service

Competitive salary

Brainsource — Extend Service

Paid Covid-19 leave

Brainsource — Extend Service

Premium public holiday pay

Brainsource — Extend Capability

PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG & SSS

Brainsource — Extend Capability

HMO Benefits

Brainsource — Extend Capability

Australian days off

Brainsource — Reduce Cost

Paid sick leave

Brainsource — Reduce Cost

Two-weeks paid holiday leave

Brainsource — Reduce Cost

Paid overtime hours

Why Choose Us

Build your career and unlock your full potential with Brainbox group.

Brainsource is a gateway for qualified industry professionals looking to expand their expertise internationally and deliver global standards. Brainsource is part of the Brainbox group of companies focused on unlocking potential in people and organisations. At Brainsource, we are bound by a common desire to help people reach their full potential.

Why work with us?

Our Promise to You

37.5-hour workweek

Unlimited training

Professional support

Semi-annual performance appraisal

Fixed work schedule

Career development

Opportunity to grow and learn

Private health fund

Only one client per employee

International clients

Fun culture

Free parking space

The Brainsource by Brainbox Edge

An offer with Brainsource by Brainbox comes with loyalty, respect, a long horizon, and a commitment from the company to help you reach your full potential.

Brainsource by Brainbox is not your typical company. We look for people who are ready to adopt our corporate value of Always Be Kind — which means being kind to our clients, kind to our colleagues, kind to our community, and also kind to ourselves. An offer with Brainsource by Brainbox comes with loyalty, respect, a long horizon, and a commitment from the company to help you reach your full potential.

Join our team

Positions Currently Available

Admin Support Assistant
Admin Support Officer
Digital Marketing Specialist
Executive Assistant
Junior Office Administrator (Australian Client)
Lead Generation Specialist (US Client)
Online Assessor (Accounting/Finance/Bookkeeping)
Structural (and Mechanical) Design Engineer (Australian Client)

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What Our People Are Saying

“All of my BPO job experience are from Australian-owned companies. Although it’s a day shift with weekends off, a lot of employees like me give up because of stress and sales pressure from superiors and managers. Brainbox, however, makes a lot of difference. I did not feel any pressure from the directors. They are very approachable, humble, and I did not feel like they were of a higher authority.
The company will do everything for us to work comfortably. It helps me focus, love, and appreciate my job more.”


Lead Generation Specialist

“Working with Brainbox has been helping me both personally and professionally. Brainbox is a company that produces great teams to cater different clients. Lots to look forward to with Brainbox growing and expanding.”



“It is my first time to work for an Australian BPO company, and I have to say I am very much surprised (in a good way) on how different it is to work here in Brainbox. I used to render Overtime services from my previous companies, some paid while others are not, and this really drained me. Working with Brainbox allowed me to live my life to the fullest, to enjoy the things I like doing outside work like going to the gym; hanging out with friends; and eating out. I am confident to say that I could leave the office at 5PM and not worry a single thing about work from then on.”


Human Resource Manager

“Brainbox has been proactive with my needs to support my employment. They know what help I need so I won’t have a hard time adapting to working remotely with a client.”



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