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Brainsource provides a gateway to thousands of highly qualified staff to deliver outstanding performance and agility to your organisation.

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Wherever in the world you conduct your business, we can provide specialist personnel to support operations and drive business efficiencies.

Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey

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Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey


Respondents said offshoring meant they could focus on their core business


Respondents said offshoring enhanced their service quality


Respondents said offshoring drove change and disrupted their business norm

Incremental Value

Moving well beyond traditional transaction processing and customer service functions

Brainsource Complexity Operation

Whilst offshoring has traditionally been focused on repetitive, highly-proceduralised and relatively low-value tasks; the last decade has seen the industry pivot significantly to address regional skills gaps and extend both capacity and capability of client firms. Moving well beyond traditional transaction processing and customer service functions, Brainsource now provides roles such as academic staff, engineering personnel and research support specialists. These roles are certainly more complex to offshore, however also offer the benefit of being able to deploy specialist expertise in a 24×7 environment at a far lower cost base than the domestic market, and often with exposure to larger, international environments. The result is both increased capacity to ‘do more’, along with extended capability to ‘do better’.


What Companies Are Saying

“Brainbox has been a fantastic addition to our customer support function. Precious has been an invaluable resource & brought an incredibly high level of professionalism and customer service.. She has integrated perfectly with our internal team, participates actively in group discussions, and her expertise has allowed us to support our customers even better than before. The flexibility of being able to schedule support hours when our customers need them means that we can be more responsive to their needs, and her friendly can-do attitude means customers leave the support queue feeling satisfied and cared for.”

Cameron Pilbeam

Enrolment Advisor, Applied Education

“Brainbox helped Kira through a difficult period with a transition of finance managers and some other changes in the business.  Nica integrated well with the executive, helping with finance/tax matters, building executive dashboards and resolving other finance-related queries.  Her work was always delivered on time, and her knowledge of the Australian tax and superannuation environment helped us to avoid risks and their associated costs.”


Leanne Van Meygaarden

Finance and Operational Support Officer, Kira Community Services

Measuring Value

Measuring the actual cost savings from offshoring is not an art, it is pure science

Brainsource Task MIgration Process

Measuring the actual cost savings from offshoring is not an art, it is pure science. From an original cost base, our clients can ascribe various reductions to migrating the original task offshore, adding back providing offshore facilities/training/etc, and then deriving additional benefit from ongoing task aggregation and process improvements. We are happy to share this detailed information with our clients to help them understand our cost model, and how this translates into commercial benefit. In a typical offshoring arrangement, once the model is tested and embedded, clients enjoy an average reduction in service delivery cost of circa 65%.

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Brainsource Client: Trasan
Brainsource Client: Applied Education
Brainsource Client: Pressure Dynamics
Brainsource Client: Kira Community

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