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The Brainbox Partner Program is an accelerated sequence of activities designed to rapidly extend and mature our client’s human capital

How We Do It

The Brainbox Partner Program can be structured to focus on specific areas of concern or deal with pressing issues first.

Within each allocated session, a Brainbox advisor will introduce the topic to the client, provide organisational context, gather any necessary data, identify specific areas of concern, and then undertake a sequence of actions to align current practice with contemporary (or aspirational) standards.

“Brainbox has been invaluable in their ability to resolve any HR disputes showing great discretion, compassion and commercial effectiveness in these tricky and sometimes highly emotional circumstances.”

CEO, WOW Homes

Brainbox Partner Program

Our Commitment To You

Driving Sustainable Organisational Growth

The Brainbox Partner Program is an accelerated sequence of activities designed to rapidly extend and mature our client’s human capital.  Brainbox personnel come from various industries with a common thread of having ‘walked the walk’.

We devise a plan and workflow with clear roles and responsibilities, milestones and deliverables. We hold regular evaluations to monitor progress against the plan, and ensure open and consistent communication in the process. Brainbox is all about driving positive organisational culture through effective workflow implementation and empowering and enabling our clients to apply powerful, sustainable change long after we’ve gone.

Sample Program Structure

Partner Program Process

Brainbox Partner Program Sample Structure

Depending on the time or resourcing allocated to the Partner Program, this may also include elements of practical implementation so that the client is left with a turn-key solution to HR compliance and maximised staff potential. Each Partner Program commences with a discovery meeting to uncover priority areas, and then the Partner Program is tailored to meet individual client needs.

We are not present in your workplace every day as this would be counter-productive to managing issues whilst embroiled within the cultural dynamics of the workplace – and it would increase your costs. Our outsourcing model works best by having structured time for management with employees going through the ‘chain of command’. Throughout the program, we work with your internal HR personnel to expand and extend their knowledge and capability, ensuring that the changes we introduce are sustainable long after we have gone.

The outcome we are seeking is a happy, productive and fully engaged workforce, aligned under a common goal and reaching its full potential.

Brainbox Partner Program Sample Structure

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