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What do you do if you hate your colleagues?

What do you do if you hate your colleagues?

Most of us spend more than half of our waking lives in the office and its unsurprising that you’ll meet someone you can’t stand. It can be a noisy eater, a complainer, or a bossy teammate. Whatever reason you may have, this can be a problem when it interferes with your work.

3 Simple Ways to Attract and Retain Your Top Talent

Pay and job security are the top two factors in attracting and retaining talent. According to Global Benefits and Attitudes Survey 2022 by WTW, 60% of participants indicated pay and bonuses in attracting candidates. Meanwhile, job security and flexible working...

Understanding the benefits of offshoring

There are many possible reasons why offshoring could be for your business. Numerous case studies have proven the value of offshoring for any organisation. Some companies adapted to the remote work setup to cope with the recent pandemic and thrived in an offshoring and...

Offshoring: Why big brands are doing it

It's no secret that large companies are utilising offshoring and outsourcing services to maintain their business operations. Aside from reducing labour costs, you also have a competitive advantage over your peers – or at the very least, a levelled out playing field...

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