Impress clients with fast turnaround times and dramatically improve billing efficiency

Utilise offshoring to support research, compliance, and administrative work, improve efficiency around account processing, generate and track daily reports and enhance business bottom line.

Experienced People at Your Fingertips

Business Benefits

Reduce time-consuming workload
Diverting vital resources to research, analyse and stay on top of industry changes can cost any business valuable time. Handing over these administrative tasks can help free Accountants from time-consuming and unsustainable workload to focus on revenue-generating activities.
Improve productivity outcomes

Execute tasks efficiently by providing back-office support and streamlining operations to increase productivity and enhance business bottom line.

Maximise client-facing time

Having Accountants devote valuable time towards appointment setting and data collection is a waste of their expertise. Hand off routine workload to unlock your potential.

Increase paperwork turnaround

Follow up client information, avoid common mistakes, meet deadlines, and ensure all documentation are appropriately filed on time and managed for easy access and future reference.

Brainsource by Brainbox Offshoring Support Roles

Resources We Offer

How We Can Help

Brainsource — Loans and Debt Processor

Certified Public Accountant

Prepare financial statements

Review financial statements for accuracy and efficiency

Organise and keep current all financial records

Prepare and file tax returns, schedules, and forms in a timely manner

Brainsource Support Roles

Accounting Assistant

Provide administration and finance support

Prepare BAS returns & financial statements for companies in Xero/MYOB

Prepare and monitor monthly budgets & forecasts

Conduct weekly bookkeeping including payroll and accounts payable

Brainsource by Brainbox Support Roles

Accounts Payable

Process invoices through 3-way matching

Resolve invoices with discrepancies

Reconcile vendor statements and resolve outstanding issues

Address vendor inquiries regarding payment status, invoices and more

Brainsource by Brainbox Support Roles

Finance and Administrative Officer

Produce daily receipts and conduct bank reconciliations

Investigate outstanding transactions and unallocated cash

Process payments and client refunds

Chase and collect outstanding payments

Who We Are

Brainsource was formed for a singular purpose – to enable small to medium businesses to leverage the same economies of scale available to the big end of town.

Our team members are carefully selected for their values that they hold and the experience that they bring to bear for our clients. Every team member has significant experience in their specialist domain, and the suite of skills encompasses a broad range of professions.

As a Brainsource client, you will form a close bond with your Service Delivery Manager, but know that this relationship is just a gateway into a vast pool of specialist expertise available to your business.

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Engage a resource with us and enjoy substantial savings over a traditional local hire

We deliver high-calibre personnel to fill a broad variety of roles, working from modern office facilities in the Philippines. Wherever in the world you conduct your business, we can provide specialist personnel to support operations and drive business efficiencies.

*Roles requiring particular seniority, qualifications or domain expertise may be subject to negotiation.




Employer GETS:

  • Free modern facilities
  • Redundant power and fibre internet
  • Careful candidate screening
  • Attendance/performance management
  • Compliant employment contracts





Explicit COSTS

  • Facilities
  • Insurances and on-costs
  • 4 weeks annual leave
  • Complex industrial environment work tools



Brainbox helped Kira through a difficult period with a transition of finance managers and some other changes in the business. Nica integrated well with the executive, helping with finance/ tax matters, building executive dashboards and resolving other finance-related queries. Her work was always delivered on time, and her knowledge of the Australian tax and superannuation environment helped us to avoid risks and their associated costs.

Leanne Van Meygaarden

Finance and Operational Support Officer, Kira

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