Mitigate talent loss and offshore staffing solutions to the energy industry

Utilise professional offshoring support to build a robust workplace culture through developing a professional and capable pool of energy industry talent.

Experienced People at Your Fingertips

Business Benefits

Mitigate talent-loss

Understand the needs of your staff and provide them with the appropriate professional industry support. Build your workplace culture and offer the right assistance to maintain and attract top talent across the globe.

Reduce unproductive time

Hand over research and other administrative tasks and allow your business to focus on managing potential problems and issues more efficiently. Deploy your most valuable resources to where they are most needed.

Avoid uncertainty in government policies

Avoid inconsistency due to the ongoing regulatory government reviews. Devote a dedicated research team to stay on top of the consistently changing industry standard and implement solutions accordingly, while ensuring that your business stay focused on its core functions.

Enhance workflow processes

Implement effective processes in your workplace by providing cost-effective and highly capable offshore staff. Solve problems internally and externally, and greatly reduce unproductive time use. Hand over repetitive tasks to help your business focus on its core functions and enhance business bottom line.

How Brainbox Supports Renewable Energy Industry

Resources We Offer

How We Can Help

Brainbox Offshoring Support

Lead Generation Specialist

Drive leads and manage client data

Develop new business via established channels

Follow up on leads and identify prospects

Build and cultivate prospective relationships

Professional Offshoring Industry Support Role by Brainbox

Appointment Setter

Schedule and follow-up appointments

Respond to emails and phone queries

Gather and document accurate customer data

Create a customer database for client retention

Industry Specific Offshoring Support Roles by Brainbox

Customer Service Representative

Respond to support requests and queries

Assess customer needs and respond accordingly

Process orders, forms, applications, and requests

Build communication guidelines and template

Offshoring Support Roles by Brainbox

Research Assistant

Support data collection and target verification

Conduct academic research and dataset analysis

Collect, record and qualify gathered data

Edit, review and update research documents for accuracy and consistency

Brainsource by Brainbox Support Roles

Software Engineer

Improve system quality and identify issues

Develop a standard operating procedure

Identify opportunities for improvement

Maintain and improve existing codebases and review code changes

Offshoring Support Roles by Brainbox


Prepare and draw technical drawings

Determine project specifications and functional requirement

Develop and prepare technical guidelines

Review existing documents and diagrams

Who We Are

Brainsource was formed for a singular purpose – to enable small to medium businesses to leverage the same economies of scale available to the big end of town.

Our team members are carefully selected for their values that they hold and the experience that they bring to bear for our clients. Every team member has significant experience in their specialist domain, and the suite of skills encompasses a broad range of professions.

As a Brainsource client, you will form a close bond with your Service Delivery Manager, but know that this relationship is just a gateway into a vast pool of specialist expertise available to your business.


Engage a resource with us and enjoy substantial savings over a traditional local hire

We deliver high-calibre personnel to fill a broad variety of roles, working from modern office facilities in the Philippines. Wherever in the world you conduct your business, we can provide specialist personnel to support operations and drive business efficiencies.

*Roles requiring particular seniority, qualifications or domain expertise may be subject to negotiation.




Employer GETS:

  • Free modern facilities
  • Redundant power and fibre internet
  • Careful candidate screening
  • Attendance/performance management
  • Compliant employment contracts





Explicit COSTS

  • Facilities
  • Insurances and on-costs
  • 4 weeks annual leave
  • Complex industrial environment work tools



Just having Laksmi, her being available and pretty much on stand by, is the biggest thing for us. It’s so easy to organise things as well. We needed a new laptop and extra screens and we would just tell you guys [Brainbox Group], and it would just magically happen somehow. I love that. It’s good to know that there’s a team there [that supports her]. There’s no hoops and loops. I know that there’s another support team and a team leader there that she can just ask questions and get some information locally [when we’re not available].
Kat Murray

Director of Sales and Marketing, One Technology Pty Ltd

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