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Navigate around the challenges of going globally and build the right support to expand your business.

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Wherever in the world you conduct your business, we can provide specialist personnel to support operations and drive business efficiencies.

Who We Are

Brainsource was formed for a singular purpose – to enable small to medium businesses to leverage the same economies of scale available to the big end of town.

Our team members are carefully selected for their values that they hold and the experience that they bring to bear for our clients. Every team member has significant experience in their specialist domain, and the suite of skills encompasses a broad range of professions.

As a Brainsource client, you will form a close bond with your Service Delivery Manager, but know that this relationship is just a gateway into a vast pool of specialist expertise available to your business.

About Us

Smart solutions for rapidly growing organisations

Brainsource helps organisations build a dedicated team, without having to worry about office facilities, IT, recruitment, HR, payroll, and more. Our operating model offers all the advantages of “the big end of town” without having to carry the internal knowledge, expertise and capacity to establish and manage an offshore facility.

“Brainbox has been a fantastic addition to our customer support function. Precious has been an invaluable resource & brought an incredibly high level of professionalism and customer service. She has integrated perfectly with our internal team, participates actively in group discussions, and her expertise has allowed us to support our customers even better than before.”

Cameron Pilbeam, Applied Education

Nica Torres — Brainsource Accounting Extraordinaire


What Companies Are Saying

“Just having Laksmi, her being available and pretty much on stand by, is the biggest thing for us. It’s so easy to organise things as well. We needed a new laptop and extra screens and we would just tell you guys [Brainbox Group], and it would just magically happen somehow. I love that. It’s good to know that there’s a team there [that supports her]. There’s no hoops and loops. I know that there’s another support team and a team leader there that she can just ask questions and get some information locally [when we’re not available].”

Kat Murray

Director of Sales and Marketing, One Technology Pty Ltd

“Brainbox helped Kira through a difficult period with a transition of finance managers and some other changes in the business.  Nica integrated well with the executive, helping with finance/tax matters, building executive dashboards and resolving other finance-related queries.  Her work was always delivered on time, and her knowledge of the Australian tax and superannuation environment helped us to avoid risks and their associated costs.”


Leanne Van Meygaarden

Finance and Operational Support Officer, Kira Community Services

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