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Brainsource helps organisations build a dedicated team, without having to worry about office facilities, IT, recruitment, HR, payroll, and more. Our operating model offers all the advantages of “the big end of town” without having to carry the internal knowledge, expertise and capacity to establish and manage an offshore facility.

“Brainbox has been a fantastic addition to our customer support function. Precious has been an invaluable resource & brought an incredibly high level of professionalism and customer service. She has integrated perfectly with our internal team, participates actively in group discussions, and her expertise has allowed us to support our customers even better than before.”

Cameron Pilbeam, Applied Education

Nica Torres — Brainsource Accounting Extraordinaire

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Why Offshore?

Brainsource — Extend Service

Extend Service

Want to operate 24×7, service different regions, or enter new markets?  Offshoring to the Philippines can provide this capability.

Brainsource — Extend Capability

Extend Capability

Scale  quickly and efficiently by adding resources as and when you need them from a vast pool of qualified and available talent.

Brainsource — Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Save more than 50% on labour costs to maximise profits and supercharge growth. By offshoring, you can do more with less.

Why Choose Us

Brainsource provides a gateway to thousands of highly qualified staff to deliver outstanding performance and agility to your organisation.

Brainsource is a ‘full service’ agency and handles all aspects of your offshore staff. A local service delivery manager acts as your liaison point into your offshore team for all matter relating to HR, although you interact with your staff member as if they were a member of your internal team.


Benefits of Offshoring

Brainsource provides modern facilities

Modern Facilities

Modern offices located adjacent to a premier special economic zone

Cost-effective solution to scale your business

Cost Effective

Cut-down overhead expenses and focus on core business functions

Access a wide pool of amazing talent with Brainsource

Expert Talent

Access to an enormous pool of qualified staff

Scale your business with Brainsource

Scalable Process

Effective workflow systems focused on helping you grow

Get to know us

We are in ‘the people business’ and understand how to help you maximise the return from your offshoring investment.

Like any investment, it’s not just the cost savings that matter (although these are substantial). True value from offshoring lies in increasing agility and extending capability.


Our operating model is incredibly simple. You pay one low monthly fee and this encompasses salary, premises, facilities, internet access, even the computer and software. No hidden charges, no extras, no unexpected expenses. This brings certainty to your budget and easy calculation of the return on your offshoring investment.


Unlike many offshoring firms, we pay top salaries to encourage the best applicants. Our personnel department has a substantial wait list of candidates looking for positions with Brainsource because we also offer good working conditions and ongoing opportunities for professional development. Just like any other firm, we know that the hidden costs of recruitment and retraining usually outweigh any investment in developing our own people.


Our premises are located adjacent to one of the Philippines special economic zones, and along one of the largest trunk routes in the Philippines. This provides stability of power and other services, along with easy transportation options for staff. Our large, bright, modern offices are an attractive place to work and encourage employees to give their best performance.


Great comms is essential to keep offshore teams connected and productive. This is why we have a direct fibre connection running into the premises, and can offer unparalleled speed and stability for offshore teams. Whether it be downloading large engineering drawings or video-conferencing, a direct fibre connection offers premium capacity and flexibility.

Build Your Team

Our Solutions

Brainsource — Design and Marketing Role

Brainsource — Executive Assistant

Brainsource Website Developer Role

Brainsource - SEO Specialist Role

Brainsource Accounts and Payroll

Brainsource Data Entry Specialist Role

Brainsource Customer Service Representative

Brainsource Social Media Marketer
Brainsource Loans and Debt Processor
Brainsource Research Assistant
Brainsource Travel Arranger
Brainsource Telemarketer
Brainsource Recruiter
Brainsource Engineer
Brainsource Copywriter


Engage a resource with us and enjoy substantial savings over a traditional local hire

Brainsource delivers high-calibre personnel to fill a broad variety of roles, working from modern office facilities in the Philippines. Wherever in the world you conduct your business, we can provide specialist personnel to support operations and drive business efficiencies.

*Roles requiring particular seniority, qualifications or domain expertise may be subject to negotiation.




Employer GETS:

  • Free modern facilities
  • Redundant power and fibre internet
  • Careful candidate screening
  • Attendance/performance management
  • Compliant employment contracts





Explicit COSTS

  • Facilities
  • Insurances and on-costs
  • 4 weeks annual leave
  • Complex industrial environment work tools



What Companies Are Saying

“Brainbox has been a fantastic addition to our customer support function. Precious has been an invaluable resource & brought an incredibly high level of professionalism and customer service.. She has integrated perfectly with our internal team, participates actively in group discussions, and her expertise has allowed us to support our customers even better than before. The flexibility of being able to schedule support hours when our customers need them means that we can be more responsive to their needs, and her friendly can-do attitude means customers leave the support queue feeling satisfied and cared for.”

Cameron Pilbeam

Enrolment Advisor, Applied Education

“Brainbox helped Kira through a difficult period with a transition of finance managers and some other changes in the business.  Nica integrated well with the executive, helping with finance/tax matters, building executive dashboards and resolving other finance-related queries.  Her work was always delivered on time, and her knowledge of the Australian tax and superannuation environment helped us to avoid risks and their associated costs.”


Leanne Van Meygaarden

Finance and Operational Support Officer, Kira Community Services

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