Why Choose Brainbuilder?

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Brainbuilder is a cost-effective professional e-Learning platform developed by Brainbox. Brainbuilder delivers knowledge right at the point when it is needed. Short, sharp and highly targeted learning experiences, individualised for each team member.

For individuals, micro-credentials clearly illustrates to employers that an employee has demonstrated understanding of specific competencies. Start your learning journey today!

Why Micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials offer many benefits for employers of all sizes. When well-designed, micro-credentials can be flexible, portable and cost-effective to implement. They also support better employee engagement and assist employers in accurately tracking employee development. Due to being cost-effective and efficient, they provide an opportunity for organisations to help their people develop without compromising time and cost.

Micro-credentials are highly specific abbreviated qualifications that demonstrate skills, knowledge, and/or experience in a given area of competence. They are narrower and more targeted than conventional qualifications like diplomas or degrees. For example, you may undertake a micro-credential focusing
specifically on how to empower others in the workplace.

Earning a micro-credential involves studying a defined set of activities, and then completing assessments and projects to verify understanding of core concepts. Employees may receive a digital certificate as evidence of attaining a new credential. Micro-credential may be discrete and independent units of study or could be part of an employer-mandated training pathway for an employee.

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