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Brainbox has an extraordinary depth of
experience in supporting and assisting
Western Australian local governments and corporate entities.

How We Do It

Brainbox has been working with WA local governments for many years, seeking to support Councillors and executive staff to raise standards of governance, risk management and performance across the sector.

Current personnel include people with experiences as local government CEO, deputy CEO, project managers and governance specialists. The benefit of this in an advisory firm is that our people have ‘walked the walk’. They have had responsibility for integrated planning, for achieving a Corporate Business Plan, and for managing public sector employees.

Brainbox Partner Program

Our Expertise

Driving Sustainable Organisational Growth

Our recent work with local governments has included investigations for the City of Perth, CEO performance reviews for a broad array of regional local governments, a CEO performance review for WALGA, and participation in the City of Wanneroo Covid-19 recovery initiative, and professional development activities for regional and remote local governments via our Brainbuilder by Brainbox portal.

Brainbox Local Government clients include the City of Perth, the City of Wanneroo, the City of Canning, the Town of Victoria Park, the Pilbara Regional Council, and the Shires of Ashburton, Brookton, East Pilbara, Perenjori and York. Our local government work has also included WALGA and supporting local government professionals.

In addition to Local Government background, Brainbox personnel also bring significant State Government expertise to the table. Our expertise encompasses drafting the State Government’s ‘Good Governance Guide’, serving at executive levels in the Department of Finance, undertaking Gateway Reviews of projects of state significance, and contracting to the Office of the Auditor General.

Brainbox State Government clients include the Department of Health, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the Forest Products Commission, the Government Employees Superannuation Board, and Path Transit.

Quality Advice

Areas where Brainbox may be able to assist:

IPRF documentation drafting/updates

Site/project safety reviews

Diversity and inclusion planning / documentation

Non - financial local government performance audits

Community engagement

Aligning HR with organisational strategy

CEO and senior personnel recruitment and performance appraisal

Procurement reviews

Outsourced HR service provision

Emerging leaders coaching

Provision of offshore finance and customer service personnel

Major project feasibility studies, reviews or rescues

External mediation and dispute resolution

Staff professional development via the Brainbuilder portal

Our Clients

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