Industry Guide: Conveyancing Support
Utilise offshoring to support research, compliance, and administrative work, calculate adjustments, improve application efficiency, and enhance business bottom line.



Reduce unnecessary administrative work 

Hand over research and verification work, including other administrative tasks, and provide Settlement Agents more time to meet potential clients and build relationships that enhance business bottom line.

Maximise client interaction

Reduce unnecessary time spent on paperwork, coordinating settlement dates, verifying documentation, and conducting calculations and focus on providing exceptional service to clients for better engagement and credibility. 

Increase paperwork turnaround

Avoid common mistakes, meet deadlines, and ensure all documentation are appropriately filed and managed for easy access and further reference.

Build brand credibility 

Improve brand recognition and authority by providing exceptional attention to detail to your clients. Offer on-call support and position yourself front of mind.


Our Engagement Process

Engagement Process

Brainsource is a ‘full service’ agency and handles all aspects of your offshore staff. 

A local service delivery manager acts as your liaison point into your offshore team for all matter relating to HR, although you interact with your staff member as if they were a member of your internal team. 

Brainsource Engagement Process Diagram

Advantages of Offshoring

  • no ICT assets to pay for 
  • no time and attendance monitoring 
  • no tech support 
  • no office furniture and equipment 
  • no leased space

Roles Available



Conveyancing Assistant 

  • Search and verify ownership and check for encumbrances and other restrictions 
  • Prepare and organise forms and legal documents 
  • Coordinate communication, appointments and respond to client queries 
  • Manage diary and organise schedule, and maintain an effective filing system 

Loans Processor 

  • Calculate rates, taxes and levies as required 
  • Attend to any necessary adjustments 
  • Liaise with financial institutions regarding loan documentation 
  • Coordinate with clients to request or provide information 

Appointment Setter 

  • Schedule and follow-up appointments 
  • Build and maintain client relationships 
  • Respond to emails and phone queries 
  • Documenting, updating and maintaining client list



  • Database Cleansing 
  • Web Developer 
  • SEO Specialist 
  • Personal Assistant 
  • Data Entry Specialist 
  • Telemarketer 
  • Customer Service Representative 
  • Marketing Specialist 
  • Copywriter



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