Industry Guide: Recruitment
Maximise recruitment functions and reduce non-revenue generating time whilst closing more business deals.



Reduce non-revenue time 

Sharing, reducing or removing back-office workload allows front line staff more time to engage with the market and focus on revenue-generating activities.

Maximise skills 

Paying recruiters to complete paperwork and build proposals is a waste of their closing skills. Hand off the back-office work and utilise their relationship skills to maximum potential. 

Close more business 

Recruiters walking into client meetings armed with latest research, tailored presentations, and pre-filled paperwork increase both deal probability and velocity. 

Enhance brand 

Reduce marketing costs or offer 24×7 support with experienced staff at a low cost. Promote your brand as super-responsive and always open for business. 

Our Engagement Process

Engagement Process

Brainsource is a ‘full service’ agency and handles all aspects of your offshore staff. 

A local service delivery manager acts as your liaison point into your offshore team for all matter relating to HR, although you interact with your staff member as if they were a member of your internal team. 

Brainsource Engagement Process Diagram

Advantages of Offshoring

  • no ICT assets to pay for 
  • no time and attendance monitoring 
  • no tech support 
  • no office furniture and equipment 
  • no leased space

Roles Available


Sales Assistant 

  • Orders and prepares marketing collaterals 
  • Orders and prepares contract agreements 
  • Update CRM post meeting 
  • Schedule follow-up appointments 
  • Manage first point email enquiries 
  • Contact database for marketing calls 
  • Contact clients to collect testimonials 

Recruitment Assistant 

  • Place job advertisements 
  • Screen resumes 
  • Set candidate appointments 
  • Follow up references 
  • VEVO checks 
  • Manage license applications 
  • Schedule site inductions 
  • Schedule pre-employment medical appointments 
  • Process timesheets 
  • Manage workers’ compensation and return to work documentation 
  • Manage candidate absence 
  • Maintain candidate files

Social Media Marketing Administrator 

  • Publish blog content 
  • Manage SMS opt-outs 
  • Posting content to website and social media 
  • Post videos on YouTube 
  • Book newspaper ads 

Creative Designer 

  • Create brochures 
  • Make photo touch ups 
  • Design custom newspaper and magazine ads 
  • Design booklets, DL flyers, posters, window cards 
  • Design and create layout for monthly communications 
  • Draft internal manuals 

Creative Writer 

  • Write and edit social media posts 
  • Edit contents of brochures 
  • Write general ad copy 
  • Proofreading documents

Accountant / Bookkeeper 

  • Handle commission tracking, reporting and payments 
  • Prepare conjunction reporting and payments 
  • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable 
  • Monitor general ledger 
  • Prepare end-of-month reports 
  • Calculate payroll, reimbursements, etc 

Assistant Bookkeeper 

  • Receive, check and enter invoices into trust or accounting system 
  • Prepare cost sheets 
  • Receive, check and enter invoices into general accounting system 
  • Prepare drawdowns from trust account 
  • Review payments and prepare the associated EFT 
  • Check paperwork for new listings 
  • Enter advertising campaigns into trust system 
  • Manage issues arising from lack of compliance with regard to documentation


  • Database Cleansing 
  • Web Developer 
  • SEO Specialist 
  • Personal Assistant 
  • Data Entry Specialist 
  • Telemarketer 
  • Customer Service Representative 
  • Appointment Setter 
  • Marketing Specialist



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