Investing in your people: Benefits of micro-credentials
Investing in your people is more critical than ever. Micro-credentials have recently gained attention across all industries because of its…

Investing in your people is more critical than ever. Micro-credentials have recently gained attention across all industries because of its highly-focused time-efficient cost-effective approach to learning. But before we tackle the benefits of micro-credentials in your company, let’s first define what micro-credential is.

Micro-credentials are field-specific qualifications focused on improving a defined skill set in particular areas. Because of its short-form learning process, micro-credentials are beneficial for those who are time-constrained or looking for an affordable option in developing industry-specific skillset. It is especially helpful for a variety of professionals, from new graduates looking to upskill themselves for better opportunities to long-term employees. Due to being cost-effective and efficient, it provides an opportunity for organisations to help their people develop without compromising time and cost.

The fundamental difference between micro-credentials and higher qualifications is that micro-credentials only concentrate on one specific subject matter. For example, while a higher qualification could mean a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Creative Advertising, a micro-credential would offer specific courses around this qualification such as digital marketing, SEO, social media management and so on. These courses could be as quick as a 30-minute course to as long as 11 to 30 hours. The idea is that it won’t take you years to get your certification and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to complete.

Now, why are micro-credentials beneficial in an organisation? The answer to this question can vary from one organisation to another. However, there are core benefits in micro-credentials and why they would be the best pathway in investing in your people. Here are some of the core benefits we have found.

  1. It Saves You Time – We all know how much time it takes to complete a qualification. When you want to upskill your people to help them in their growing job responsibilities, it’s not practical nor strategic to allow their time to be divided between undergraduate study and work. Micro-credentials help trim this duration down by providing a more focused approach on learning. Instead of studying a general overview of a subject matter, it drills it down to bite-sized pieces than can be easily consumed in a time-efficient manner.
  2. Highly-Focused Qualifications – Different industries have different requirements. Through micro-credential learning, you have the option to customise your people’s study pathway according to your organisational needs. Through this method, you can assure that the skills gained by your people are utilised and applied in their daily task and job responsibilities. 
  3. Increases Productivity – Micro-credentials are also a great tool in helping your people improve additional skills that can aid them to be more productive in the workplace. From soft skills like project management to something more intensive like data analytics, micro-credentials provide a way to help your people help themselves. Thus, pushing the organisation forward to reach its goal in the process.
  4. It Boosts Workplace Morale – Investing in your people has always shown a positive return in any organisation. From a more productive workforce to becoming an organisation’s advocate, nurturing your people through supported learning is an effective way of communicating your appreciation to their dedication and everyday efforts. It helps your people feel motivated, inspired and ready to start the day with the organisation’s values and objectives in mind.

These are also the reasons why Brainbox decided to build Brainbuilder. Brainbuilder is a tailored micro-credential platform focused on helping your organisation create the most effective learning pathway for your people. The user-friendly interface of Brainbuilder provides an intuitive understanding of how you can customise the courses for your people and track their progress easily. To find out more about Brainbuilder, give us a call now or send us an email.




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