Ways to show employee appreciation
Studies have shown that employees stay with a company when they feel appreciated and their work is tangibly recognized. Appreciated…

There’s a secret to reducing employee turnover and its not as difficult as you think.

Studies have shown that employees stay with a company when they feel appreciated and their work is tangibly recognized. Appreciated employees are also more inclined to go above and beyond their normal responsibilities.

However, because of this global pandemic, everything is shifting to a new normal. Workplace social distancing is a must and there will be companies that will shift to remote work permanently. This will definitely limit activities such as office parties and celebrations usually done to recognize employee accomplishments.

Employee recognition is essential to the company culture especially in these trying times and a certificate once a year just doesn’t cut it. Here are some ideas for employee appreciation that your staff will love.

  1. Celebrate birthdays

The easiest way you can show appreciation for an employee is to simply allow them to have the day off and enjoy it however they please. If they agree (some people prefer to fly under the radar on their birthday), create a company announcement that could be emailed or posted in team chats to celebrate their birthday and allow their team members to share their messages.

  1. Wall of fame

It’s a bit old school but popular for a reason. You can use the wall of fame to highlight the individual or team wins with photos. It’s a fun way of showing gratitude and a good way for staff to familiarize names and faces. And it doesn’t even have to be an actual wall – it can be done with any photo editing software and a little bit of creative flair. Share it via your group chats and let team members add to it regularly.

  1. Show your appreciation publicly

You can use the company’s social media or work channels to recognize your star employees. It’s a great way to show how proud you are of your employee and it highlights a company culture that values the contributions of staff, no matter how small. Be sure to highlight what they’ve done to earn this award and how it impacted the organization.

  1. Thank you notes

A handwritten note that tells them how you appreciate them can go a long way. And in this digital world, its so easy to customise a digital card and send to your employees. What matters most is that employees see their efforts being acknowledged and that their managers take the time to thank them for it.

  1. Give career-based rewards

Career-based rewards will not only benefit your employee but your business as well. Offer leadership training or any online class that your employee would like. This shows that the company and its managers understand an employee’s strengths and fully support their development.

  1. Celebrate anniversaries

We’ve all had employees who leave after a year of employment. One way to prevent this from happening is to celebrate anniversaries. Provide rewards for staying and let their teammates or the company know so they can show their appreciation for them as well.

  1. Set up a suggestion box

One way of people like to express themselves anonymously is through the use of a suggestion box or an online anonymous submission. These is especially useful for issues that are difficult to raise. And when an employee’s voice is heard and action is taken, they will likely feel appreciated and valued as team members.

  1. Give out branded merchandise

Create cool company branded items that employees will love to use. These can be company apparel, water bottles, stickers or anything useful that your employees would be proud to use for a long time. This is also a great way to market or introduce your brand to the world.

  1. Give simple prize tokens

Being rewarded for doing something good encourages employees to continue to excel. Prize tokens could be as simple a chocolate bar or gift card but knowing that their efforts are seen and appreciated will encourage employees to always exceed the expectations.

  1. Encourage peer recognition

Create a tool that will make peer-to-peer recognition easy. It could be through the company’s communication tool or a freedom wall where employees can write their notes of gratitude. Encourage your team to recognize and cheer for one another– it can foster harmony and collaboration.

  1. Recognize daily wins

Begin your meetings with a discussion of team wins.  Encourage an employee to share their wins and allow them to recognize others as well. It’s an awesome way to highlight their own achievements with their colleagues and thank those who helped to make it possible.

  1. Find unique rewards based on individual interests

Beyond the usual rewards (which are still necessary), show your appreciation in ways that are unique for every person. Find out what they like to do after work, what they are interested in, or their hobbies –this will give you an idea of how best to reward their hard work. This also shows a good trait for managers – getting to know team members beyond the office or work setting.

  1. Appreciate non-work achievements

Outside your office or the usual work environment, there are members of your staff that are doing incredible things. Maybe they are volunteering or helping their communities, whatever it is, one way to show your appreciation and support for your employee is to recognise the amazing things they are doing.

  1. Simply say “thank you”

Saying thank you is a simple way to show appreciation. Some employers take it for granted because they think that employees are expected to do their tasks. However, there is a noticeable attitude difference between a staff who always feel appreciated and those who rarely hear it.

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