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Integrating children into your work environment has become essential during our current crisis.  Anyone who says their kids will ‘just look after themselves while I work’ has very very special children.  Most of us are trying to balance video conferences and phone calls with food spills and toy chaos.

The key here is to not take it too seriously.  Kids belong in their home, it’s their space, and they need the creative freedom to explore and feel safe in it.  Clients and managers will simply need to become accustomed to parents juggling dual duties, and acknowledge that sometimes the balancing act won’t work well.  While your work colleagues know that finger paint is not generally used to colour in a laptop screen, toddlers don’t necessarily recognise those same ‘creative boundaries’.

Rather than see this as a battle, work with the kids, communicate (age appropriately) to explain the difference between work and home, even though both are occurring at home.  A dedicated space will definitely help if this is possible in your house or apartment.  Having established this, get ready to be flexible and bend the rules to accomodate the challenges of the day.  Just like employers, parents need to be flexible, agile, and willing to look at new models with good humour if we are to all get through this together.

Here we compiled websites where kids can find activities to play and learn at the same time, while giving you a few hours to work in peace.


If your kids loved weekends at the zoo then they will definitely enjoy the virtual tours now available online. Let them virtually roam around and watch animals and you can all talk about your favourites at the end of the day.


Let your kids appreciate art and history with these virtual museum tours. Through these tours they will be able to see famous works from artists all over the world, and hopefully be inspired t to create their own masterpieces.


With work, chores and all the other things you have to accomplish within the day, you may not have the time to read to the kids. Here are websites that can do that for you.


A lot of schools have closed down because of the pandemic but learning for kids doesn’t have to stop.  There are a lot of educational websites out there that can help school age kids learn and feel like they never left school.


For your kids who love history and geography, here are fun ways to learn and discover new places and cultures. Who said we have to go outside to see the world?


Kids still need to be active while at home. And after hours of watching movies on the couch, they will want to run around and play. Clear up a space for them in the living room and let them follow the fun exercises in these websites.


Yes, this might mean you will have paint or glitter everywhere and that’s okay. By practicing creativity, kids are provided with the opportunity to try out new ideas and discover new ways of thinking.


For the overly curious kids who asks us about everything happening around them, here are websites where they will be able to discover the answers on their own. We love them but honestly, who remembers the whole water cycle and why it rains?


Help kids express themselves through writing or other languages. Studies show that children who practice creative writing more often are generally better in other subjects too like math, science, and languages.


Unleash that little rockstar and let the kids dance to music they create. Just make sure you’re not holding a video conference in the same room.


Because after the four basic operations, we don’t understand most of it either.



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