How to create a healthy workplace
By healthy we don’t mean clean, green and having an office full of chi (whilst these are important), we’re talking…

By healthy we don’t mean clean, green and having an office full of chi (whilst these are important), we’re talking about a work environment where staff want to come to work, a place where they work their hardest and at the end of the day feel good about what they’ve done. A work environment that they brag about and most importantly one that they never want to leave!

So what makes a healthy workplace?

There is one key word: Communication

The Oxford Dictionary defines Communication as: “The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium.”
In other words, the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings.

This is all through facial expressions, posture, hand gestures, voice tone and tenor. Many studies have been carried out on non-verbal communication and it is something that workplace leaders have to really get a handle on.  Study the body language of your staff, you’ll be amazed as to how much of their body language describes how they feel. Rolling of the eyes, clenched fists, slouched posture, even finger pointing, are all potential signs of an employee who is not happy; and an unhappy employee is the result of an unhealthy work environment.

To ensure that you can create a healthy and friendly work environment, here’s a list of Brainbox HR’s key factors of a happy, healthy workplace:

Communicate with your staff

Communicate with your staff to inform them about what is going on in the business. What are the positive things that are happening within the company? What are the potential obstacles you are facing, how to overcome them and ask for their ideas on how to overcome these barriers.

How to create a healthy workplaceRegularly remind your employees why they are an important asset to the business.

“Joe, your IT skills are needed in our company, if it weren’t for you our computers would be blowing up and it would be a disaster.”
The key in this example is the word “our”, this inclusive word makes the company theirs as well.
“Thank you for all your efforts , we all really appreciate it.”

Make it your goal to communicate regularly with your employees on a daily basis reminding them why they are vital to the business.

Get staff engaged

Get the entire crew engaged.  Have regular staff meetings allowing each member of staff to have a say or alternatively, allow the representative of the staff group (i.e. Divisional Head, Supervisor, Team Leader, Manager etc) to have a say on behalf of the workforce. Keep staff updated. Start some clubs within the business, yoga on Tuesdays, shared lunch on Mondays or staff morning teas on Fridays.

Get to know your staff

Don’t treat staff like a number. Have a chat with them as they pass you in the corridor. Be open. Don’t cross your arms when you talk to them. Smile, invite them into your office, and ask for their opinions. “How are the kids? Did you watch Game of Thrones last night?” Little things like that can really make an employee’s day.


Let them grow

Employees need to know that they can grow in your business. For star employees, recognise their achievements straight away, introduce some gamification into the workplace and get some healthy competition going. You’ll soon see the seedlings blossom and the ones that do, offer services that will aid in further developing their skill set.


Have fun

No description needed. Get some ideas together on how to make the workplace fun, happy and safe. A happy employee equals a healthy workplace.

How to create a healthy workplaceIf you are still unsure about how you can transform your work environment, contact Brainbox HR today where you will have access to our entire team of extensively trained and experienced HR professionals at a fraction of the cost of employing one comparable HR trained staff member. Brainbox HR believes that people are the best asset in any company, regardless of the business size, industry or market share, because it’s through your people that your business will succeed.

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