Brainbox is all about empowering and enabling our clients to see things differently. Our goal is to offer an impactful change that delivers real and tangible value long after we’ve gone. 

Quality Advice

Timely, knowledgeable advice.  Clear, pragmatic delivery.


Behind every law, regulation, policy and procedure are ‘people’. They are the raw materials and the greatest asset of most organisations. Brainbox shows clients how to unlock value from its people


Robust planning is the cornerstone of success, allowing organisations to maximise return on capital whilst minimising risk. Brainbox’s planning and risk specialists are able to turn intent into action.


From strategy and governance to execution and results. Brainbox advisors know how to join the dots on performance through clearly set expectations and lines of accountability

Satisfied Customers

Here is what our clients have to say about Brainbox

Pilbara Regional

“Over the past five years, I have sought the guidance and support of Brainbox on many occasions in my capacity as the CEO of the Pilbara Regional Council and as a non-executive director of other organisations.

Brainbox’s knowledge of strategic HR practices is encyclopaedic, and the delivery is tempered through years of pragmatic experience, ensuring that even the most difficult and sensitive issues are approached professionally.

At a practical level, Brainbox has provided both strategic and tactical advice across disciplines including strategic workforce planning, awards and enterprise agreements, coaching and mentoring, executive performance reviews, training, and handling sensitive issues. In each capacity, Brainbox has demonstrated a robust approach that was timely, well-received and readily implemented.

On a personal note, Brainbox’s contact details should be in every senior executive’s drawer as part of their HR crisis management toolkit. Their advisors have a unique ability to see all sides of the cube, quickly and calmly finding integrity-driven consensus solutions where they may seem impossible.”

Wow Group (WA)
Pty Ltd

“Adrian has been an extremely positive and professional addition to our leadership team. With the support of his team at Brainbox he has overseen the updating and development of our company policies and procedures and put forward many other great suggestions about how we can improve our operations and company culture.

He has been invaluable in his ability to resolve any HR disputes showing great discretion, compassion and commercial effectiveness in these tricky and sometimes highly emotional circumstances. In addition Adrian has also provided leadership and management skills training to our department leaders and been a personal mentor to several individuals across all levels of our business.

Adrian is an honest broker with an incredible work ethic and personal motivation to succeed in life who is always looking to make everyone he comes into contact with the very best organization or individual they can be. The Wow Group would without any reservation recommend Adrian and the Brainbox team to anyone looking to improve their business.”


“Interchange engaged Brainbox in February of 2015 and we worked closely with Adrian Robinson through to June of 2018.
Adrian assisted us greatly in building our internal HR and IR capacity across the various management layers of the company during a period when Interchange more than doubled in size.

Brainbox was able to provide high quality services, professional advice and direct assistance with numerous complex issues involving individuals, groups and the whole of the company.

I would strongly recommend Brainbox to anyone considering outsourcing all or part of their HR needs”

Forest Products Commission
“I felt yesterday’s training for managers was fantastic. I learnt so much from Adrian. He provided some really good real-life examples and case studies that we could all relate to and engage with”

Pilbara Community Legal Services

“Adrian really knows his stuff. Over the 2.5 years Adrian worked with the Board and the team at Pilbara Community Legal Service, he was an invaluable support as a resource consultant and industrial relations expert.

Adrian’s commitment and skill level saw The Pilbara Community Legal Service navigate some significant hurdles around recruitment, performance management and transitioning of employees for the betterment of the organisation.

Adrian is committed, reliable, professional and a real pleasure to work with.”

Brainbox Advisory

More than a century of experience, dedicated to your success

Tony Friday


BA BEd Grad Dip Corp Gov MBA MSID FCDA

Tony is a seasoned senior executive who is able to lead effectively and deliver aggressive growth whilst building a positive and community-spirited culture. With experience across a number of sectors and as an extremely competent generalist, he is able to leverage this knowledge to lead and govern effectively whether it be in a government, corporate or non-profit setting.

Tony has previously served as a chairman and director across a portfolio of directorships spanning corporate advisory, international property development, tourism, volunteering, and arts management. As a registered lobbyist, he has also been instrumental in gathering political and bureaucratic support for tackling both federal and state issues including migration, air services and workforce regulation.

In recent years, Tony has hosted investment forums in Indonesia and China seeking to attract capital placements for the development of Northern Australia, and led the international expansion of an Australian consulting firm into Singapore and Malaysia.

Tony has appeared before various federal and state Senate Inquiries as an expert witness, and has authored a number of Parliamentary submissions relating to regional economies, northern Australia, and foreign defence and trade policies.

Alexis Guillot


BIT (Hons), Dip Comp Sys Eng, MAICD

Alexis is an experienced company director and has served in a key leadership role in local government, responsible for coordinating a multi-million-dollar portfolio of projects encompassing infrastructure, social capital, economic development and diversification.

Alexis previously served as a governance and risk advisor to some of Western Australia’s largest companies and statutory authorities, contributed to the development of Western Australia’s public sector governance framework and assisted a number of leading energy and resources companies with their risk and continuity readiness.

Other experience includes managing the development and international delivery of a suite of governance products. Under his guidance, the products were delivered across multiple countries via a network of local resellers.

Gentle Giant Insights

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Employee appreciation ideas

Employee appreciation ideas

Studies have shown that employees stay with a company when they feel appreciated and their work is tangibly recognized. Appreciated employees are also more inclined to go above and beyond their normal responsibilities.

Working from home with kids

Working from home with kids

Integrating children into your work environment has become essential during our current crisis. Anyone who says their kids will ‘just look after themselves while I work’ has very very special children. Most of us are trying to balance video conferences and phone calls with food spills and toy chaos.


Brainbox works in all tiers of government and across all industry sectors
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