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The Brainbox Group of companies focuses on unlocking potential in people and the organisations that they work for. We serve clients in many different countries and industries, all bound by a common desire to help their people reach their full potential.

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Brainbox Advisory

Brainbox is all about empowering and enabling our clients to see and approach things differently. Our goal is to offer an impactful change that delivers real and tangible value long after we’ve gone. 

Brainsource Offshoring

Brainsource focuses on helping organisations build a dedicated team without having to carry the internal knowledge, expertise and capacity required to establish and manage an offshore facility.

Brainbuilder Learning

Brainbuilder helps unlock and develop potential through high-quality, self-paced micro-credential learning experiences that build soft skills and core competencies among staff and organisations.

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Our core value of ‘kindness’ is reflected in everything that we do. We help our clients to be kind to their staff, kind to their customers, kind to the environment, and kind to themselves. Our clients don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.

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Our elephants look backwards in recognition of learning from the past, and forward into an exciting future

Brainbox companies use elephants in their logos because we identify with the great strength, real kindness, extraordinary memory and group focus exhibited by these gentle giants. Our elephants look backwards in recognition of learning from the past, and forward into an exciting future.

Brainbox Group — Elephants

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Gentle Giant Insights

Understanding the benefits of offshoring

Understanding the benefits of offshoring

There are many possible reasons why offshoring or outsourcing could be for your business. Numerous case studies have proven the value of offshoring for any organisation. Some companies adapted to the remote work setup to cope with the recent pandemic and thrived in an offshoring and outsourcing environment. Zoom Video Communications is probably one of the best examples of such an organisation that utilises offshoring and outsourcing structure.

Offshoring: Why big brands are doing it

Offshoring: Why big brands are doing it

It’s no secret that large companies are utilising offshoring and outsourcing services to maintain their business operations. With the COVID-19 global lockdown demonstrating the possibility and capability to manage your workers from a remote location and keep business operations running despite the situation, we can expect a higher demand on offshoring and outsourcing services in the following years.

COVID-19: Creating resiliency through offshoring

COVID-19: Creating resiliency through offshoring

With offices in Australia and the Philippines, we also experienced sporadic periods of lockdown in both jurisdictions throughout the pandemic. During the prior lockdown, we developed some resilience to this circumstance, and used our multiple locations to ‘load-balance’ the business, re-allocating operating activities (wherever possible) to the area that was still trading.

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